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Make this cute Little Kitty Cat birthday cake at home

Make this Cute little kitty cat birthday cake at home using this cake decorating design ideas tutorial or steps given below.

Cat birthday cake

Method for decorating Cat birthday cake:

Roll out some blue fondant, use corn flour to avoid fondant from sticking.

Using a pizza cutter cut it into U-shape to form the face of the kitty cat.

Cut couple of triangles to form the ears of the cat.

Make smaller triangles using grey fondant to form inner ears.

Stick the inner ones to the outer ones using some water.

With the help of a round cutter make small semi circles.

The cat ears are ready.

Cut a D shape grey fondant and stick it as shown.

Make some fringes for the kitty cat.

Stick them as shown.

Using black fondant make small eyes.

Cut a small black fondant triangle and place it between the eyes to make the nose of the cat.

Complete the mouth of the cat.

Make thin ropes of black fondant,cut them into equal size and stick them to form the whiskers of the kitty cat.

Stick the ears to complete the kitty cat.

Take some blue fondant, roll it out into a small ball and cut it into half. Using a knife make dents to form paws of the cat.

Make another Paw.

To make the Wool Ball take some round pink fondant. Make thin ropes of pink fondant too.

Roll out the ropes on the ball,stick them using water.

Cover the ball fully in one direction.

Now cover it from other direction to make it look like a wool ball as shown.

Take a fondant covered cake.

Stick the kitty cat face in front using some water.

Place the wool ball on the top.

Roll out a pink fondant rope and let it fall like a lose end of the wool ball.

Place the kitty cat's Paws, Cut a small yellow fondant triangle and make some pink tiny balls.

Stick the tiny pink balls on yellow triangle and make a pink ball and put it on a wooden stick.

Stick the yellow triangle as shown to make the birthday cap.

Place the birthday cap on the kitty cat head.

The Cute little kitty cat birthday cake is now ready.

Use the video description section for details on supplies and material used and detailed procedure.

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