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Birthday cake for wife decorating from home

Birthday cake for wife design ideas decorating tutorial and step by step method for all who want to design their own cake at home or wants to learn cake decorating and start their own cake designing work from home.

birthday cake for wife
birthday cake for wife

Step by Step Method for Birthday cake for wife

Roll out some blue fondant and cut some heart shapes using heart cutter.

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Stick the hearts to wooden sticks using water.

Our fondant heart sticks are now ready.

Using blue fondant make some flowers.

As many fondant flowers as you like in blue and pink.

Make some fondant white heart sticks too.

Roll out some pink fondant and using the number cutter cut out age number.

Place the number on wooden sticks too. Also make a fondant bow with pink and blue.

This is a whipped cream cake.

Make a pink fondant band and wrap it around the cake.